Marra Srl was established as a mould-maker in the early 70’s by the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Leonardo Marra.

The production of moulds for fittings, for both the building and gas/water industry, has been the core of the business since the beginning.

While never abandoning its main core business, with which Marra Srl earned respect and visibility worldwide, the company has been involved in the white goods sector of the industry (components for refrigerators and washing machines) and electronics (cases for personal computers) since the 1980’s.

From the mid-90’s, as well as it’s growing success, Marra Srl has been dedicating itself to the production of moulds for the automotive industry. In this domain, the company focuses on the construction of moulds for inner and outer automobile components such as door, side and reinforcement panels.

Mission e Vision

From the beginning Marra Srl became a reliable partner in the moulding market, providing solutions with quality and innovation.
Following its mission and philosophy Marra Slr has invested in:
· CAD2D and 3D workstations, for the technical department;
· 3/5 axes Milling and deep drilling machines for the workshop;
· Injection molding machines up to 2400 t to ensure the internal testing of the moulds.

All these technological upgrades have been consistent and targeted to ensure that customers:



In winning of the markets in which it has set itself to enter and succeed, it has continuously proposed new technical solutions, which have then become his signature. The solutions always aim to balance the economic investments of its customers in relation to production needs, production facilities available and / or to be purchased, without sacrificing:



It is our corporate philosophy to study all projects in detail, stitching them as a tailor would do with a dress on the needs of each customer.

Some of the features that we offer our clients to achieve their objectives are:

family moulds, which through interchangeable components (cavities, cores, inserts), allow a single mould for a greater number of articles thus ensuring:

  • greater flexibility in production;
  • reduction and flexibility of the financial investment

Mould movements using inner hydraulic cylinders in order to obtain:

  • reduced dimensions of moulds and machines with a lower tonnage and/or less personalized, therefore less expensive;
  • a shorter mould changeover time;
  • interchangeable inserts with extremely low replacement times (it is not necessary to disassembly / assembly of hydraulic cylinders).

The technical solutions adopted for the construction of the moulds allow:

These solutions have been proposed in the various markets in which the company has wanted to challenge themselves and made Marra Srl one of the leading manufacturers of moulds in Europe.